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Our facility is designed to deliver care in the least restrictive manner. This allows patients to feel relaxed and comfortable, with patient safety our first priority.

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Patient Stories

We always welcome feedback about the care we provide our patients.

“I've been living with depression since early high school, and was worried about going to a mental health hospital. When I arrived, I found the staff to be really friendly, welcoming and immediately put me at ease. The awesome staff at not only helped support me, but also taught me some useful skills that I wish I'd been taught sooner.”
- Sam
YA @ The Loft patient
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Navigating ADHD in a Distractible World: A Comprehensive Approach at Kellyville Private Hospital

In an era where distractions abound, the rise in the need for ADHD assessments is palpable. The symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are not just prevalent but also multifaceted, often coexisting with mood-related challenges such as depression and anxiety. At Kellyville Private Hospital, we understand that these symptoms can significantly disrupt both personal and professional lives.

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